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HOW DO YOU CREATE financial freedom?

No matter your struggle, we've seen it. If you've been looking for someone to watch your back on the path to your financial freedom, we have the proven track record.

It all starts with having a plan to know what to focus on next. The Freedom Temple diagram below is your first "map" to financial freedom followed by millionaires and even billionaires. Think of it like your personal roadmap to freedom - it's the easiest way to determine where you are in your journey and where you need to go next.


Since we are real estate investors ourselves, we know the intricacies of not only what is needed to be accomplished on the tax and legal fronts. We also know the realities of real estate investing and what it means to use your investing to create TIME FREEDOM.

Get comprehensive advice on your real estate investments no matter who you are or where you're located.

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Google Reviews
Screenshot_2021-01-23 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC
chad smith
9 months ago

I had been looking for an asset protection structure for over 6 months, once I got in contact with Scott I knew he was my guy (attorney). Being a Californian resident I needed to avoid the $800 annual franchise tax for LLCs, Scott had the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) product. The DST provided me the anonymity and asset protection I as looking for without being subject to California franchise tax. Great job Scott!

Screenshot_2021-01-23 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(1)
Chris Burrow
11 months ago

Met with Scott Smith through a colleague of mine. Exceptional service, professional yet personable.

Screenshot_2021-01-23 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(2)
Lisa Landry
1 year ago

I had a great initial consultation, and learned so much during that one phone call, where they explained options and benefits clearly. I took notes, but when I had a few more questions later, the team was quick to respond.Everyone that I’ve had contact with has been friendly, knowledgeable and professional, and I feel secure and confident that I selected the right team to protect my assets!

Screenshot_2021-01-23 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC
Ken Fees
1 year ago

We've been using Scott's service for a couple of years. Nothing but the best service; always an explanation of how and why they do what they do, and my whole family rests easier thanks to Royal.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC
Christopher Pound
1 year ago

First heard about Scott and Royal Legal through a Morris Invest podcast. Scott was talking about the series LLCs and their advantages and simplicity over the "typical" structure that real estate investors use (i.e. a holding company with LLCs for each individual property). I was, and still am, starting out as a RE investor, but I thought to myself, this sounds like the RIGHT kind of setup for me. It's safe, anonymous, and will be future proof as I expand and acquire more properties. Plus it would be a lot less costly if I started doing it the right way from the start, rather than correcting a bunch of stuff when I was much more established.When I contacted Royal Legal, everyone I spoke to was nothing if not cordial, encouraging, and very patient with me and my questions. I pulled the trigger not only on my entity setup for RE investing, but also on some estate planning. They took the time to get things done, and done right, then provided me with a package all at once which included:* My series LLC "holding" company.* My company's EIN.* A child series LLC for each of my 2 first investment properties.* Documentation for the trusts that are also part of the overall structure and provide the anonymity.* All documents regarding my estate planning, living will, living trust, and power of attorney for my wife and myself.Additionally, Royal Legal will continue to serve as my registered agent in TX, which is the state my LLC was formed in (I live in Colorado). Plus, I can use the their address as my "physical" address for anonymity purposes, while using my personal address and phone as my company's "mailing" address for convenience.Royal Legal Solutions provides the WHOLE package. They will take care of everything for you, making sure that NO mistakes will allow any litigious people from coming after you personally. Our ongoing relationship means that I have a legal team on my side, and know my business is protected. I'm very comfortable with the fact that they are there and are very responsive when I have questions and concerns.Plus Scott, is a rock-star himself. Good guy, and now I seem to hear him on podcasts all over the place. Maybe this series LLC thing is catching on...

Screenshot_2021-01-23 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC
Dawn Kelly
1 year ago

Royal Legal was recommended by my home loan officer. I needed to uodate my deed after the sale. Royal Legal Solutions was no-hassle, easy and professional. Very pleased with their service. Would highly recommend them.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(1)
Jeffery Gowen
1 year ago

Top notch legal advice and services. If you are serious about being a real estate investor you need to work with Scott and his team at Royal Legal Solutions. They helped get us set up on the path for long term success from the start.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(2)
Jean Kadkhodaian
1 year ago

Scott and his team did a great job helping us make a decision to move forward with Royal Legal. Glad we called for a consultation. The advice and deduction was worth it. Looking forward to growing our company with you as our shield!

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(3)
Makikonu Surf Skate
1 year ago

Awesome I had a problem and Scott contacted me personally to solve it,. I had made an error and thought my properties were still listed in my name, they were not. I am happy and I am not a target :) Great service.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(4)
Nik Hubbell
1 year ago

These guys are the best bang for your buck company out there for real estate investors. I was able to outsource and automate my life and sleep easy at night with the help of Royal Legal Solutions. Thanks!

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(5)
Paul Tsui
1 year ago

Scott and his team (Dawn in particular) helped me to resolve an urgent issue for a sale transaction of a property owned by my Trust. Scott did this through email and text to me and his team members while out of his office/town. I was impressed how his team (specially Dawn) rallied and reached out to me and got me what I needed by the same day afternoon. Way to go Scott and the Royal Legal Solutions Team.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(6)
christopher lee
1 year ago

Scott's company has been so helpful. My business partner and I were debating on spending on the money set everything up, but once we found out Scott's pricing and what they offered, it was an easy choice. Once we started the process we started to realize how much we did not know and quickly had several questions. Scott's office immediately scheduled us for a call with Scott who was able to walk us through everything and explain everything in a very comprehensible way. Knowing that this portion of our business is covered removes such a weight from our shoulders. Not only is Scott very personable, but his entire staff has been incredibly friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend, regardless of your portfolio size. We currently only have 2 properties, but knowing that we wanted to grow our portfolio, this was the best decision we've made.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(7)
Natasha Tomlinson
1 year ago

Scott and his team are highly skilled experts in the real estate field. We no longer need to worry about asset protection. Small price to pay for peace of mind.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(8)
Folabi Solanke
1 year ago

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Scott and his team for making our American Dream come true.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(9)
Kellie Elliott
1 year ago

Wonderful company all around that provides world class services!

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(10)
Bill Futreal
1 year ago

Royal Legal Solutions provides top-notch information and products for real estate investors. If you are investing in real estate and want to make sure you are protected this is your goto business.-- Bill F

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(11)
1 year ago

Living in California, understanding real estate law and accounting is difficult and acts differently than other states. Partnering with RLS made it a seamless, stress free process and most importantly, now my Real Estate business is protected.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(13)
Shannon Pfaff
1 year ago

Royal Legal Solutions is on the cutting edge of Asset Protection. Not only do they make sure that your wealth stays safe, but they also go the extra mile to make sure it's protected by educating clients on how even the littlest, and sometimes unrelated events, can put your wealth and assets at risk. After watching others lose everything they worked for during his time as a litigation lawyer, Scott Smith has made it his personal mission to help others stop this from happening to them. His experience and deep legal and real estate knowledge, including that of his incredible team, work together with passion and dedication to protecting others. This is a company that you most certainly want on your side helping you protect yourself and you and your family's wealth.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(11)
Brent Edwards
1 year ago

Scott & the team at Royal Legal Solutions are responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. They really know their stuff when it comes to the very specific niche of self directed retirement law. They are a very important resource on my team and I'm glad to know them. Highly recommend their services.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(14)
Tufan Ghosh
1 year ago

I am very happy and proud to be a part of the Royal Legal Solutions. Scott and his team are comprised of very smart people. They are very careful and responsive. If you like to protect your assets, I would say you are in the right place. I have been working with Scott for more than a year and very satisfied too. I RECOMMEND the Royal Legal Solutions under the leadership of Scott, for protecting your assets.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(5)
George and Joni Bowen
1 year ago

I'm very happy with the customer service I get from Royal Legal Solutions. I am very happy with our choice to choose Royal Legal Solutions.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(15)
Cal Ewing
2 years ago

Scott Royal Smith was instrumental in getting my business entities set up correctly so that I could hit the ground running with my real estate investment business. I highly recommend Royal Legal Solutions.

Screenshot_2021-01-27 Royal Legal Solutions - Anonymous LLC(16)
Creative Custom Construction Inc.
2 years ago

Great service. Very professional and as knowledgable as they come. Scott's level of expertise is unsurpassed and he would be a great fit for any individual looking for top notch service.

HOW TO build bulletproof asset protection

Asset protection starts with insurance, but that's not where it stops. Effective Asset Protection protects you when the insurance company won't or simply chooses not to. The best Asset Protection stops lawsuits before they start by hiding your assets and making it look like you qualify for food stamps.

Since we are real estate investors ourselves, we also prioritize streamlining all of your operations and costs with efficient uses of bank accounts, tax returns, accounting, and day-to-day operations.



What does a completed system look like?

The diagram above shows a complete asset protection structure. There's an Operations or Shell Company (Traditional LLC), an Asset Holding Company (Series LLC), Anonymous Land Trusts, Living Trusts (Estate Planning), Tax Saving Vehicles, and so much more.

Each of these are powerful on their own, but combined they form an impenetrable fortress around your assets. Let's take a closer look at how some of this stuff works.



Most people use traditional LLCs to perform every business function. This is convenient, but if you own more than two assets, it exposes you to unnecessary risk.

More secure ways to use the LLC is as an Shell (or Operating) Company if you have multiple assets, or as an Asset Holding Company if you don't.

Notice that when used as a Shell Company, it's intentionally split off from the Asset Holding Company. This is known as separation and it's one of many ways to protect your assets from a lawsuit.



At the top right of the diagram, we have the Asset Holding Company. This entity holds your assets and can scale to infinity.

The parent series can spin off an infinite number of children, which behave like Limited Liability Companies (LLC).



Did you know your personal information available on the internet? In fact, it's possible to find out what you own and how much you're worth within seconds of learning your name.

One of the cheapest ways to defend yourself is to use Land Trusts to wrap yourself in anonymity. It'll make you look like a beggar on paper - and nobody sues people who look like beggars.


Fill out the real estate investor quiz to unlock how the advanced asset protection strategies below relate to your particular situation.

Real estate investor Case study #1


Within 1 month I went from being completely vulnerable to being totally protected, and I've never had to think about it again since [Scott's] staff takes care of all the maintenance and legal work as I grow. My portfolio keeps expanding and I rest easy knowing that my future is secure.

Scott sutherland

Airbnb & Single Family Homes

Anonymous Series LLC
Scott's LinkedIn

Real estate investor Case study #2


Our most valuable asset is our time. Working with Royal Legal Solutions has given me peace of mind and allowed me to consolidate my time. I feel completely protected and I'm not running around wasting a bunch of time.


Single Family Homes

Anonymous DST
Paige's LinkedIn

Real estate investor Case study #3


I had like a bazillion LLCs because I was protecting every asset. I was really concerned about piercing the corporate veil. I worried we might screw up operationally and spend money in a way that would get us into trouble. You guys gave us the confidence to know each property was separated from the other. And it's not your first rodeo. You came highly referred and recommended, there was a high level of trust for us.

Daniel Ramsey


Anonymous Series LLC

Real estate investor Case study #4


I heard you on a podcast and saw you all over Bigger Pockets. I knew you were an expert and you really had your stuff together with Series LLCs. It sounded like a win-win scenario - not that expensive, straightforward, and your team would be handling all the details for me. The access made it worthwhile. I always get my questions answered in a timely manner. I really never considered working with another attorney.

Christopher Pound

Single Family Homes

Anonymous Series LLC

Real estate investor Case study #5


I wouldn't be able to pull off an estate plan, a Series LLC, a traditional LLC, and a Solo 401k by myself at this pace. Other people said they could do it faster, but I felt [like they gave] a very cookie cutter approach. It got outside of their box pretty quick. The first time speaking with you, I remember going, "Oh yeah, this makes a lot of sense."


Single Family Homes

Anonymous Series LLC

Who is watching your back?

The most important thing in real estate and life is who you do it with. Having a great team makes all the difference, but finding the right people can be uniquely challenging. Who do you need? And how do you tell if they have your best interests at heart?

Billionaires do this by hiring 20 people that just focus on taking care of them and their wealth. They call this a "Family Office". Now, and for the first time ever, you as a real estate investor can have your own Family Office just like the Billionaires. They have attorneys, CPAs, coaches and a host of other specialized services watching their back at every turn. You, as a member of Royal Legal Solutions, will have the same.

Why spend years building your own real estate dream team when you can use ours instead? We have the professionals on staff and a network of providers vetted by us to handle all of your real estate investor needs no matter who you are, where you're located, or what investing you're doing



Want to hear from the Celebrity experts?


Join Scott on Episode 109 of the Bigger Pockets Podcast as he blows the host's minds with 60-minutes of advanced legal insights and strategies.

  • "I don't learn a whole lot from real estate books. Today I learned more than I've learned in the last 20 years combined. My brain is bleeding, there's so much going on."
  • "There's some tips in here that blow your mind."
  • "Rich people don't own things. Rich people control things."
  • "It's in [the insurance company's] best interest to deny coverage. You don't have any friends when you get sued."
  • "The real estate industry is the most litigated area of law. It is not a question of if you're going to be sued, it's a question of when and what position you'll be in to defend yourself when that happens."

These quotes were just from the first few minutes of the podcast. Play the video below for many more.



"I want to come back on your show. What you're doing for real estate investors is a phenomenal value."

Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author and Forbes listed him #1 of the "25 Marketing Influencers to watch in 2017." His five privately held companies generate more than $100 million in yearly revenue. He's regarded as the #1 sales trainer in the world and an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance.

He made an appearance on Scott's podcast, the Real Estate Nerds, where they talked about his approach to real estate and why asset protection is so important.



"Value bombs are being dropped, Fire Nation, and Scott is just getting warmed up."

Scott visits the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast and host John Lee Dumas. Tune in for legal strategies that apply to beginners and experts alike, like:

  • Learn why everybody in the U.S. needs an LLC
  • Discover the ugly truth about insurance
  • Protect yourself against lawsuits by using anonymous trusts


"What you're doing for real estate investors is a phenomenal value."

Listen to this episode of the Wheelbarrow Profits podcasts and learn how Scott first discovered asset protection while playing for the other side as a litigator. Some notable quotes include...

  • In real estate, you want an attorney and a CPA, and you want them both to be real estate investors themselves. "
  • "People hold property in their personal name and think insurance is enough, then when they find out insurance isn't enough they get taken to the cleaners. "
  • "You always want to make it as difficult and expensive for your enemy as possible. "